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Add: Zhukeng Industrial Zone, Chengnan Town, Wenling city, Zhejiang Province, China
TEL: +86 576 86275288
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The integrated inspection equipments and measurements ensure our strict QC system from the coming raw materials to final deliveries
Our testing equipments include:
¡ñ Spectrometer ¡ñ Roundness Measurement
¡ñ Metallographic Analysis ¡ñ Universal Length Measure
¡ñ Universal Test Equipment for Tensile Strength ¡ñ HB Hardness Measurement
¡ñ Impact Test Equipment ¡ñ HR Hardness Measurement
¡ñ CMM ¡ñ Salt Spray Test Equipment
¡ñ Shaw Graph ¡ñ Plating Thickness Measurement
¡ñ Contour Measurement ¡ñ Roughness Test Equipment
¡ñ ATEQ Leakage Test Equipment