2018 Production Process Information Exchange Conference Successfully Held


On June 7, 2018, in order to continue to promote the results of the pilot project of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to the precision electromechanical industry, the China Instrument and Meter Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the "Association"), and the 2018 production process information exchange supported by the Lishi Technology Group The conference was held at the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone and the Lishi Group headquarters. More than 60 representatives from nearly 40 companies in the instrumentation industry participated in the exchange meeting.

He Chunming, deputy general manager of Lishi Technology Group, and Li Yueguang, full-time vice chairman and secretary general of the association, delivered speeches. Yan Zengxu, senior consultant of the association, and Zheng Chaosong, deputy secretary-general, co-chaired the meeting.

The meeting invited Professor Dong Jingchen, the chief expert of the Manufacturing Research Office of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and information experts from Hollyshi, Chongqing Sichuan, Shanghai Chenzhu, Fujian Hongrun, Nanjing Yoube, Tiankang Group and other companies to bring you wonderful. The report, and representatives of the organization visited the digital workshop of Hollysys Technology Group to have a more intuitive understanding of the content and effects of the informationization process.

Professor Dong Jingchen, the chief expert of the Manufacturing Research Office of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, brought the report "The Status Quo of Intelligent Manufacturing Development". The report analyzes the scope and connotation of intelligent manufacturing from multiple dimensions. According to the characteristics of China's large manufacturing industry, complete industrial system, short development time, developed Internet industry, large market and large amount of data, China proposes “smart manufacturing”. "The understanding should be from the "common name" of today's manufacturing technology and information technology deep integration development direction, rather than the technical "intelligent manufacturing" concept; digital manufacturing, networked manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing are the three stages of intelligent manufacturing development The strategy that should be adopted in the development of China's smart manufacturing technology route is to "advance the development of integration in parallel." The new generation of technological changes and China's economic transformation have achieved a historic convergence, providing a rare opportunity for China's manufacturing industry to catch up with developed countries and build a world manufacturing power.

Zhu Yiming, chief engineer of Hollysys Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., presented a report titled “Data Driven Digital Workshop Construction”. As a leading automation company in China, Hollysys has received strong support from the country in recent years. At present, Hollysys provides solutions mainly in the three fields of industrial automation, rail transit automation and medical automation. Focusing on smart manufacturing, Hollysys has launched smart products/smart equipment, intelligent production/smart factory/digital workshops, intelligent services/smart enterprises. Hollysys builds a digital workshop that emphasizes data as the core, integrates shop floor data, and drives it with data. This concept is also applied to fields such as mines and subways. In addition, Hollysys also attaches great importance to the cloud development of data integration, launching HoliCube digital factory operating system, graph database, and edge computing services and applications.

Wang Gang, chief engineer of Chongqing Sichuan Instrument Automation Co., Ltd., brought the report “Chongqing Sichuan Instrument Production Process Informationization Experience Exchange”. Chongqing Chuanyi created the intelligent manufacturing Sichuan Instrument innovation model with data as the core. Chuanyi's intelligent manufacturing construction mainly focuses on the construction of intelligent production lines and the informationization construction of production processes. According to the discrete production organization characteristics of industrial instrumentation “multi-variety, small batch”, Sichuan Instrument adheres to the deep integration of informationization and industrialization, independent design, integrated integration, construction of digital workshop, reducing manufacturing process uncertainty, improving product reliability and stability. In recent years, Sichuan Instrument has also refined and summarized intelligent manufacturing solutions, extending from factory manufacturing to cross-domain manufacturing processes, forming a cross-domain and cross-industry special solution.

Gao Shenglai, the manufacturing director of Shanghai Chenzhu Instrument Co., Ltd., brought a report titled "Chenzhu Digital Manufacturing 2.0". Chenzhu's digital manufacturing is guided by “lean management” + “two integrations”. The manufacturing center focuses on “environment, automation and informationization”. Through continuous investment, SMT automation lines and automation equipment are added, and equipment is completely transformed. And the mobile intelligent operation station realizes the rapid flexible production combination mode informationization 2.0, and strives to basically reach the digital factory standard by 2020, and becomes the domestic precision electromechanical industry (discrete) intelligent manufacturing demonstration enterprise.

Xiao Zhiming, deputy general manager of Fujian Shunchang Hongrun Precision Instrument Co., Ltd., brought a report on “integration of the “three-in-one integration” of enterprises in response to demand. The informatization construction of Hongrun's production process has added “standardization” content based on the characteristics of the company itself, not only the standardization of the work system, but also the standardization of product design and the standardization of operations. When establishing the manufacturing management system, the frontline employees actively participated in the secondary development discussion of informatization, stimulating the enthusiasm of the frontline employees, and the design of the manufacturing management system became more practical and more suitable for the actual needs of the enterprise. Therefore, after the completion of the informatization construction, the company's production capacity has increased significantly without adding new production lines.

Cao Changchun, the director of Nanjing Yoube Automation System Co., Ltd., brought the report “Yubei Intelligent Factory Construction Achievements and Experience Sharing”. The report details the benefits of UBI in the process of enterprise information construction and the implementation of PDM, ERP, MES, CRM, OA, production process simulation system. In recent years, Youp Electric has been committed to the intelligent plant information and automation integration business in the electronics, small machinery and assembly industries. It can provide advanced PLM, MES, simulation systems based on independent intellectual property rights, intelligent equipment development and integration of robots and PLCs.

Li Shuya, deputy director of the manufacturing department of Tiankang Group Co., Ltd., brought a report titled "Tiankang Group Pressure Transmitter Intelligent Manufacturing Practice". The content of Tiankang Group's implementation of informatization construction includes: management of production process, management of orders, logistics, warehousing, data integration, robot application, workshop kanban management, mobile application, etc. The result of informatization construction is to realize a transparent digital workshop and improve the level of workshop management.

The contents of this exchange report from intelligent manufacturing theory to practice, from the large-scale enterprise to the small-enterprise production process informationization, as well as the informationization of the production process of different types of enterprises, provide a variety of intelligent manufacturing models for the conference delegates. Therefore, many representatives said during the exchange that the exchange of experience and experience introduced by experts is very instructive. The fundamental purpose of implementing informatization is to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and obtain higher production efficiency. Therefore, to implement informationization, enterprises must comprehensively consider the digital informationization foundation of enterprises, and also consider the return on investment. Informatization investment often requires a large amount of capital. The results will take time to reflect. Therefore, enterprise information construction must be planned in the medium and long term and continue to invest.

After the report was over, the representatives of the company also discussed and exchanged the contents of the report on the day according to the actual situation of the unit, and communicated with the relevant reporters. Some enterprises also hoped that the association would organize the enterprises to go deep into the demonstration enterprises that made the report. Although the meeting ended, the enthusiasm did not diminish.

With the strong support of Hollysys Technology Group, this exchange conference was a complete success.

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